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Emergency Services

Emergency Services


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Dental health depends on various components that could lead to disease and other oral issues. Problems can vary from mild toothaches to something as significant as a cracked tooth. Many people ignore dental issues; however, if left untreated your oral health can worsen which can cause severe discomfort and pain.

It’s extremely important to maintain dental health by treating these problems as soon as possible. At Dr. G. Caminschi Dentistry Professional Corporation, we understand what you need to get you back to the smile and mouth that you recognize. We work to provide the best solutions for you and your family.

Come To Dr. G. Caminschi Dentistry Professional Corporation For Your Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies are stressful, and can impact your everyday life. The simplest way to identify if you are experiencing a dental emergency is to measure your pain.
Are you experiencing intense pain and discomfort that is too difficult to handle?
If you answered yes, then you are experiencing a dental emergency.
Call us now!
An untreated dental emergency can cause further damage to your overall health if not treated in time.
If you are still unsure, listed below are the top examples of a dental emergency:

Intense Pain

Swollen Face

Pus/Abscess Coming from Teeth

Cracked/Chipped/Broken Tooth

Extreme Sensitivity

Denture, Veneer, Crowns and Other Prosthetic Issues