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Sedation Dentistry In Mississauga

Anxiety-free dentistry for adults and children!

Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry transforms adults and children filled with anxieties about dental treatment into comfortable, relaxed and responsive patients. This allows Dr/ Caminschi at her Mississauga dental office,  to make the most efficient use of your time while in the chair, but also leaves you feeling completely positive about you and your dental treatment experience.

Nitrous oxide sedation has helped millions of people overcome their dental anxieties. It is safe, effective and the most trusted of all dental relaxation techniques. Nitrous oxide (N2O) is simply a gas which you can breathe in. It has no colour, smell, and doesn’t irritate.

Common dental phobias that may require sedation dentistry:

  • Fear of Pain
  • Insufficient Freezing
  • Loss of Control
  • Sound of the Drill
  • Needle Phobia

Dr. Caminschi offers conscious oral sedation

Oral sedation MississaugaConscious oral sedation allows you to enjoy a more comfortable, relaxing, and safer dental experience when Nitrous oxide is not an option or not enough to calm your fears. Conscious sedation also allows multiple procedures to be completed during a single visit. The stress and inconvenience of returning multiple times for treatment can be eliminated. This is great if you are unable to make time in your busy schedules to have complex treatment done, which would normally take several appointments.Once sedated, you are in a safe “twilight sleep,” and breathing on your own. You are aware of what is going on around you, can answer when spoken to, and move or adjust if need be, but when it is all said and done, you will usually have little recall of the dental experience. Recovery time is a lot faster than general anesthesia, and typically lasts 30-45 minutes after the procedure is complete, at which time you can be released.

If you are one who has put off a visit to the dentist for a long time, or whose schedule simply will not accommodate multiple visits, you may wish to consider conscious sedation dentistry.

Oral sedation dentistry

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