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Microscopy Dentistry in Mississauga

Taking a closer look!

Microscopy Dentistry with Dr. CaminschiIt is common knowledge that it takes a steady hand to perform intricate dental procedures. But the ability to get a closer look at the problem using a Microscope, allows Dr. Caminschi to provide dental treatments with a higher degree of accuracy and precision. Microscopy Dentistry is used in 100% of the dental procedures offered at our Mississauga dental office to meet or exceed your expectations.

Why is Microscopy Dentistry important?

Microscopy Dentistry is extremely important for early diagnosis, because it allows us to see problems before they become bigger problems. Dr. Caminschi can get a 2X to 20X, closer look of your teeth and gums and show you what she sees right on our chairside monitors. You will be able to understand why treatment is necessary and what your best preventive option can be. This means, easier, more comfortable, less invasive and less expensive treatments for you!

Dental microscopes are very expensive. A limited number of general dentists are able to take advantage of this important tool while doing their work. Dr. Caminschi’s office is one of the few offices in Mississauga that offers Microscopy Dentistry. Take a closer look yourself and book a new patient appointment today!

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